Suzy Richardt Lettering

We loved working with our friend Suzy Richardt, a handletterer here in Dayton. Her job is to make her clients' words beautiful, whether that be on chalkboard menu (like she has done for numerous businesses around downtown Dayton) or calligraphing invitations and creating beautiful ceremony backdrops for local brides. She has been building her business a new website through Squarespace, and needed some photos and video to fill it out. 

Her lettering is balanced, and crisp and clean; it is evenly spaced and beautifully executed. Watching her work is almost meditative, and we wanted her website content to reflect that, so a big white-box studio was a perfect fit! We grabbed a handful of greenery from Sherwood Florist (another favorite local wedding vendor, and a client of Suzy's--she created their stunning pricing wall you see right as you walk in the door!) and some nearby chippy, wooden boxes for just a little bit of visual interest, but we kept most of the focus on her and her work.

These images will be used for website backgrounds, social media posts and headers and to have on hand for media purposes, so we wanted to make sure there was a consistent color scheme and style: bright and airy, using mostly natural light and incorporating the blues and neutral tones of her brand. We always like to play just a little bit, though, and snuck in just a few that were just slightly darker and dramatic.  

Find Suzy at, and follow along with her most recent work on Instagram (@suzyrichardt). You can also follow her gorgeous "Calligraphy Headlines" project, where she practices her technique creating beautiful representations of recent news. 

You might also recognize some of the photos from around this site. Another lovely photographer friend, Andrea of Andrea Belle Studios, came along to take some behind-the-scenes shots while we worked, for which we are incredibly grateful!